The city of Westlake Village prides itself on its thoughtful approach to zoning, which plays a critical role in maintaining the community’s character and quality of life. Zoning regulations in Westlake Village are designed to ensure the appropriate allocation of land for various purposes, such as residential, commercial, and industrial use, as well as to preserve the city’s natural beauty and resources. The following are the key zoning categories within Westlake Village:

Residential Zoning

Residential zoning in Westlake Village can be categorized into three primary subcategories:

  1. Low-density residential (R-L): This zoning classification is reserved for single-family homes on large lots, typically with a minimum lot size of 20,000 square feet. This zoning category promotes spacious living environments and helps to preserve the city’s picturesque suburban charm.
  2. Medium-density residential (R-M): This category includes single-family homes, duplexes, and townhomes on moderately-sized lots, usually with a minimum lot size of 10,000 square feet. This zoning classification aims to accommodate diverse housing types while maintaining the city’s character.
  3. High-density residential (R-H): This zoning classification permits multi-family housing, such as condominiums and apartments, with a higher density than the R-M category. These zones are typically found near commercial areas and major thoroughfares to provide easy access to amenities and transportation.

Commercial Zoning

Commercial zoning in Westlake Village is intended to support the local economy while maintaining compatibility with adjacent residential areas. The city has designated several commercial zones, including:

  1. General commercial (C-G): This zoning classification accommodates a wide range of retail, office, and service establishments. C-G zones are typically located along major roadways and in centralized shopping areas.
  2. Neighborhood commercial (C-N): This zoning category is designed for smaller-scale retail and service establishments that cater to the daily needs of the immediate residential neighborhoods. C-N zones provide convenient access to local amenities without negatively impacting the residential character of the surrounding area.
  3. Office professional (O-P): This zoning classification is dedicated to professional and administrative offices, such as law firms, medical practices, and insurance agencies. O-P zones are strategically located to provide easy access for residents while minimizing traffic congestion.

Industrial Zoning

Although Westlake Village has a limited amount of industrial zoning, it does designate a few areas for light industrial (I-L) uses. This zoning category accommodates light manufacturing, research and development facilities, and warehousing. These zones are typically situated away from residential areas to minimize potential impacts on the community.

Open Space and Recreation

One of the key features of Westlake Village’s zoning plan is the emphasis on preserving open spaces and natural resources. The city has designated several zones for parks, trails, and recreational facilities, as well as for the preservation of environmentally sensitive areas, such as wetlands and wildlife habitats. These zones serve to protect the community’s natural beauty and provide ample opportunities for outdoor recreation.

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Westlake Village Zoning Map

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